Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Garlic Twist

Oh Garlic twist... How I love you! This thing is amazing! It can save time and stress when dealing with garlic. I use it always when I want garlic in a meal. Too many people sacrifice the perfect flavor from garlic because they are too frustrated with getting all that great flavor out of its package. All you do is Take the garlic twist and hit the gloves with it, on a cutting board. This gets the papery outside off the garlic pods on the inside. then place 2-3 cloves in side... and start twisting. It is hard to get it going sometimes, but nothing that lasts for more than a second or two. Then you twist away! When you get to the size you want. Turn side of Garlic Twist upside down, forcefully...... hit it on the cutting board to get all the goodness out. toss in dishwasher... and DONE! Garlic Goodness at your fingertips. Sometimes I will twist up a little extra, add a little olive oil to it, put the pieces together and place in the fridge. Keep it there for only a day... or else everything will start smelling garlicky for sure!

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