Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Microplane Box Grater

Well, a few months ago, we ran out of grated cheese. So I though to myself that I would use my cheese grater, umm... I didn't have one. How could we have gone this long without a cheese grater? So I went on a search to find one. I knew that I loved all of Microplanes hand graters, but I didn't know that they had yet made a box grater. I love this! It is sturdy, and very durable. The rubber handle helps out and is very comfy for gripping while grating. Also the same rubber additions on the bottom keeps the grater in place. It has a large grate cut for medium to hard cheeses like cheddar and provolone. It has a zester side for all those zester needs. There is a slicer side and a side for soft cheeses. It is also easy to wash and has proved itself worthy to last in the dishwasher. No home should be without a cheese grater, and if you are going to have one, pick a good one and make it last.

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