Sunday, January 24, 2010

Undercover Eater: FireTap Ale House

So last night for our family night out we decided to try the new Fire Tap  Ale House. It came highly recommended from my good friend Kim. It was a typical sports bar, setting, with a upper-class feel. We didn't have to wait to long, for a Saturday night, about 25 minuets for a table for 4 people. Which was lucky, because their waiting room had a very awkward feel to it.  Once we got seated, I would have to give the servers a less than bronze star effort. It seemed to our waitress that being busy didn't suit her.  We were not treated very friendly. She didn't say much to us, be seemed to be overwhelmed by the night. Which could be a number of things, or just an off day. We always had to ask to have our drinks refilled, our food came out no very timely and she only visited our table 4 times, get our drinks, serve our drink and take our order, bring our order and finally bring our check. The first time she said anything to use was when we told her we needed boxes, and she smiled and said, "Yeah, I always order to much too." That was the friendliest thing all night.

I menu all looked great, I wish I could have tasted a bit more. We tried two of their appetizers, Baked Mozzarella and a Monk Pretzel. The Mozzarella was served with a wonderful flat bread and some tomato basil sauce. The bread was wonderful, the sauce, which they use on their pizzas, was a little sweet for me, but tasty non the less. The pretzel was wonderful! just crunchy enough, just soft enough. It was served with a Homemade cheese sauce and a large grain mustard.

For dinner, We ordered the baked macaroni, a pepperoni pizza and my husband ordered a "Meat-lovers' Calzone. Large portions, and all the food was tasty. Their pizza is stone baked, the crust is light and has enough stability for you to hold it, but a bite to it that can only be classified as al dente. It was wonderful, and it tasted great the next day as well.... for breakfast I might add. There is another pizza joint here in town that is similar to the setting we found here... they better watch out. 

The macaroni, was nice and creamy. The sauce was nice and flavorful. I feel it might actually rival some mom's homemade cheese sauces. It seemed to me that it was the same sauce that the pretzel came with. My husband loved his calzone. Why? because same great bread crust, filled with wonderful toppings and enough for him to take to lunch tomorrow, or eat in the middle of the night.

Overall, our experience was great. The wonderful aspect of the food offset the minor follies from the other areas in the restaurant. I would like to venture back to try different entrées and not have the kids with me. Maybe we would get a different treatment not having a crazy family label on us. Some suggestions that I would make...

Waiters, all need the same attire, and same level of attire, some shouldn't look like they just washed 500 dishes and then are brining me my food? They need to regroup with who is running food, and who is bussing tables. Also... maybe some of the staff is ultra friendly, review that with everyone. I heard a few other customers, also complain about staffing issues... not that I was trying to eavesdrop.

The layout of the restaurant needs to be reevaluated. There need to be a distinct separation from people eating, and people waiting. A room divider I would switch the Hostess meet and greet desk 180 degrees and put a divider behind them. But that is all my opinion.

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