Saturday, January 30, 2010

Undercover Eater: Nino's Italian Eatery

Ahh.... the smell of a italian food..... Something in their marinara makes me crazy! So in my attempt to sample the wonders of Alaska, I ventured to a wonderful little place in midtown Anchorage. I was encouraged to go there by a few friends, but it wasn't until my brother Brandt really said anything did I listen.

When you walk into this quaint little place, after battling to find a parking spot, you feel like you are sitting in your italian Grandmas dining room. The staff was very friendly and oh my goodness the menu was amazing. I wish I could have a sample platter of everything! Our group did want to try different things and share, which worked out great because the portions were served family style.

We chose for appetizers the mozzarella sticks and the homemade garlic knot rolls. Fresh cheese, breaded and fried. Yum... the boys loved this option. They were served with their homemade marinara, which was elegantly seasoned. It had the flavor of fresh tomatoes and just enough spice to tingle the pallet. There is nothing worse than a tomato sauce that takes like watered, spiced  tomato soup. The knot rolls are kneaded and proofed on demand. They are glazed with a  garlic butter sauce and are served piping hot to our table. Good thing the Waitress put them near me... because I was bound and determined to eat my fair share and anyone else's who couldn't get theirs fast enough.

For dinner we ordered a Sausage Hero, Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti Noodles and the house Ravioli. First lets talk about the pizza. It was a beautiful thin crust with an al dente bite. Wonderful cheese and pepperoni combination. My two year old loved it! We would have picked other toppings, but she only wanted pepperoni. The hero was great. They have a wide array of selection to choose from. Each is a wonderful french bread baguette, sliced open and filled with your choice topping, sauce and cheese. This was my husbands favorite! The pasta was cooked well and came out hot, but not water logged. My favorite typical italian dish is chicken parmigiana. I have eaten this at many restaurants across our country. My Italian friend's mother and grandmother's version, has never met a competitor until now. fresh meat, pounded, lightly breaded and served with fresh mozzerella, melted on top. Oh it was delightful. Now my husband doesn't like chicken too much because he says it's a dry meat, meaning more often than not when he is served chicken it has dried out. Well he loved Nino's chicken. He couldn't believe how much flavor was nestled between such wonderful layers of cheese and sauce.

Some recommendations that I would make, when I rule the world, is making it easier to access the restaurant. So if the city could reconstruct 36th Ave, I would really appreciate it. And for some reason, I feel that a wonderful wood burning stove would just add to the ambiance. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone. It is family friendly as well as perfect for a night on the town.

Here is the link to their web page to view their menu and more information on the Restaurant.

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  1. Rachel, thanks so much for this review! I really appreciate hearing your opinion. I hate trying a new restaurant until I hear from someone I trust that it is good. Also I like your recipes A LOT!