Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Review: The Julia/ Julie Project

Well I finally watched the movie to the book Julie and Julia. This book has a special interest to me because of my love for cooking and how funny I have always thought Julia's voice was so unique. When I was in cooking school we would always imitate her voice as we would do any of our labs. 

I would say the movie was much better than the book. I admire Julie Pawell for her courage, determination but for the love... how many time do you need to drop the f bomb honey? Also some of the crazy stories really could have been left out. Well maybe she wanted to, but her editor wanted to keep them in there... Maybe if I actually meet her I will ask her.

I thought Meryl Streep did a wonderful job... Simply put she was great.

I will have to admit, when I was younger I would read these cook books and dream of mixing, stirring, baking and tasting these great recipes. Too many people don't know the sacrifice and headway that Julia Child truly did make. I wonder how many women who are getting married this year will receive her cookbook and never open it? Probably the same people who don't read their bible they were given either.

Well I loved her book. It gave me wings at an early age and now as a mother and a chef... I love it even more. I respect and truly understand what she went through to become a great household chef. Because that is what we truly are. We are chefs in our own kitchens, in our own homes.

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