Monday, March 15, 2010

Undercover Eater: Lone Star Steakhouse

So for my adventure this time, we took the kids to Lone Star Steakhouse. As far as Steak houses go, this is a great place for family and relatively inexpensive meal. 

Rachel's Rating: Overall-3 STARS, Family Friendly, Conversation 

What We Ate: Amarillo Cheese Fries, 8 oz Filet Mignon, Sweet Potato, Salad and Chili. Loved the classic fried with melted cheese and bacon. What was great was that both my husband and I order the exact same steak but different finishes and they both came out wonderful. I like mine well done and he likes his medium. They both arrived at the same time, both juicy and both were hot off the grill. I know I shouldn't be that excited about it, after all it is a steak house. But the reality is that I have eaten my fair share of overcooked or undercooked steaks. I think we all have.

What Was Great About the Night: Our waitress was wonderful. My husband never had an empty glass and she brought out extras like sauce, bread and treats for my 2 year old. I love it when the wait staff checks in on us. Not every 2 seconds, but I hate how some places and people get so crazy they just drop your food and the check and thats all you see from them. Also i noticed how the night manager was making his rounds as well to make sure that everything was ship shape.

What the Atmosphere was Like: "Don't Mess with Texas!" Overall everything was nice. I do miss the tossing peanuts on the floor thing.

What would I Change if I was the boss?: Their plate sizes. I know they use those long, oval plates for when they serve those monster sweet potatoes, but when you don't, it looks really funny. When your choice of side is not the sweet potato, you have this steak all alone, chillin' with nothing. Also they don't serve their dishes with a vegetable side item. You get a choice of your starch, but no veggies. Maybe they did a survey and discovered that too many people were not wanting them.... who knows. I think it would bring balance and color to the plate, fiber to our diet and come on... its not too pricy to provide a veggie and a choice of starch.

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