Wednesday, December 29, 2010

News Years Resolution Meals

Many people throughout the world are making a resolution to slim down, eat better and exercise. Well I get asked all the time, how we can make meals tasty, easy to prepare and are healthy. Too many people still have the concept that eating healthy is flavorless and difficult. It is not. But it does take some planning, which I admit is hard at times. Plus you need to get all family members on board with some changes, believe me I know... my husband is very stubborn when it comes to eating fruits and veggies. So starting on January 1st, we will have some healthy tips and recipes to add to your family life. Some recipes to look forward to...

Lemon Poached Chicken
Dark Chocolate Mint Cake
Miso Soup
Whole Wheat Quick Breads
Hearty Vegetable Soup
How to Slice your own Meats
How To Sub In Healthy alternatives

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