Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coupons Galore and the never ending question of "What's for dinner?"

So I get asked all the time how I can make or get some many things on sale or discounted.... well its a process... not to difficult, but it does involve knowing when stuff will go on sale and when to use your coupons.

For example, at your local grocery store they might have a customer savers card, like Safeway/Carrs.

Let's Say that Progresso Soup is $2.30 a can. (Just an Example)
     The store has a customer discount with its card members that brings the price to $1.99 a can.
     Also they are having a bonus coupon day to save .30 a can bringing the price to $1.69 a can.
     Then use the coupons from this site which would bring your price down to $1.29 a can.

That is how I do it. I make my menu plan each week. I use things in our pantry and buy fresh filler ingredients for each menu. When I get home from my grocery trip, I take about 1-2 hours portioning and prepping items so that they are easy and ready to use. Stick to the menu and get all our family members involved.

Here are some places that I check for Coupons

Target Coupons
SmartSource Coupons
Red Plum

Also check your local adds and especially on Sunday! There are always tons of coupons there! Target and Walgreens always do a great job of accepting multiple coupons for  items!

Good luck!

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